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dreaming is free


Hi folks,
Excited to let you know that you can now find my music, including the full album dreams of a wildgoose on Spotify.  Put a bit of goose on your playlist & stream away!


Some of you are probably aware I also play in a fun loving band, Diddly Squat. We were in rehearsal this week, and it strikes me that we mimic all the motions of a successful band but without the glory of millions of fans, fame and monetary fortune. Despite this, we all love being part of the band. Why? Well, we love the camarederie and the chance to do things that we wouldn't normally do. Apart from that, we get to dream. We imagine ourselves shredding guitars at Wembley Stadium, having an entourage of roadies, going on tour in a custom fitted bus, trashing hotel rooms, and signing albums at Shopping Centres.

Luckily for us, dreaming is free!
Ironically it is often in the dreaming that we have the most joy.

So, the thing we've been dreaming up lately is an upcoming gig "Diddly Squat Demystified" - this Saturday night at a funky cafe/bar, The Green Owl, Brisbane.  It'll be an interactive evening, sharing insights of our journey, lighthearted trivia games, and we'll play a few new original songs + some old faves. 

Grab some friends and join us. It's not totally free, but it'll be cheaper than seeing us at Wembley.

  When: Saturday August 25 - 7:30pm (doors open 7:00pm)
Where: The Green Owl, 52 Brookes St Bowen Hills, Brisbane (licensed cafe/bar)
Tickets: $10 prebooked / $15 at the door

Book Tickets

 Enjoy the streaming & keep dreaming! 



Well here we go, launching a new song into the world. It feels like I'm on the banks of the Varanasi River gently pushing candles into the vast flowing torrent.

This feels like a special one, and filled me with goosebumps as I was writing and testing the lyrics for the first few times.

It comes from the well of emotions traversed witnessing my mother coping with dementia. It's a portrait of ageing, memory loss, living in the present, and ultimately a song about love.

Have a listen - love to know if it speaks to you, and share the word. 

GONE - NEW SINGLE - Available now! Download from cdBaby

Also available to download or stream from the usual platforms. iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc.



Gimme The Gun


The thing about acting is that you get to be characters who are so removed from your everyday life.

Lately I've been parading around as a slightly neurotic cop in MATES Theatre Genesis's production of Neil Simon's comedy "The Odd Couple- Female Version" - directed by Debie Spearitt. 

Last week, after the show, an elderly gentleman murmured in my ear "You can be my sergeant any day." 
I waved my truncheon playfully at him. "Oh no, don't use that thing on me!" he exclaimed.

New Single from Diddly Squat


That Band I play in ... we have an official single! 

Written by fellow band member Kath Ridgway after battling breast cancer: "It is amazing how wonderful a simple sunrise, green grass and spending time with those we love can be.”

it's a cracking feel good song..... Check it out

Can a goose be a ham? . . . Acting Debut


We're currently in the midst of final acting rehearsals for the "Australia Day" play which opens on Australia Day at Redland Museum. After 3 months immersed in it, I have to say it's been an absolute delight working with director, Ray Noonan, and fellow cast and crew from Mates Theatre Genesis.

I have vivid memories of feeling overwhelmingly awkward at school Speech and Drama classes, so it's been a wonderful surprise to discover that acting can be a ton of fun. It's a learning curve for sure, but I've got an inkling that's what makes it so enjoyable. 
My biggest lesson in this latest sojourn:

   Drop the judgement!

Allow yourself to experiment and explore without judgement and wondrous things may develop.   

ASA Songwriting Contest - Top 30


 Breaking News - two songs from dreams of a wildgoose are through to the "Top 30" in the Australian Songwriters Association - Songwriting Contest.
"Stanley" - Ballad category 
"Mahatma" - Spiritual Category 

I honk therefore I am


Last month I put my hand up to do a stint of Public Speaking. It was a 12 minute prepared speech fashioned along the lines of a TED Talks event. It surprised me that I put myself forward, but on reflection I realise that I've had a long held fascination with Public Speaking.





Desire & Fear


Standing at the kitchen bench, peeling carrots recently, it strikes me that the journey of recent years has been a marriage of DESIRE and FEAR.

There's been this carrot of possibilities constantly dangling in front of my beak...the possibility of creating something glorious and beautiful, the possibility of momentarily connecting with another being. As the story goes, to taste the carrot, one has to bust through the fear... the fear of being judged, the fear of failing, and ultimately the fear of being a complete goose.

Breaking Bread


Such a thrill to be sharing the stage with talented singer-songwriters Lisa Richards & Jodi Murtha.
I met Lisa back in 2011 where she was a tutor at Winterbreak Music Retreat, and Jodi a year later at Grill'd Open Mic.
I marvel for the connections we make though the musical journey.
Being around "real" musicians inspires me to keep improving!

We'll be sharing a few stories and our thoughts on what "Breaking Bread means

hope you can join us

I'll be accompanied by the wonderful Rebecca Wright on Cello and Chris Hall on bass.

The world through her eyes


One of the joys of experiencing art of any kind, whether it be visual art, music, poetry, novels, is the chance to glimpse the world through the eyes of another human being. 

Often the designers and photographers who help shape the image of a musician go largely unacknowledged.

I'm so proud to congratulate Chris Hall for taking out the Best PR Photo Award at the recent QLD MUSIC DESIGn AWARDS ...and what was the photo?....none other than the cover shot from my album "dreams of a wildgoose".

Chris did an astounding job with the album artwork. I asked her to make the album cover that matched the music - and I reckon she nailed it! It so aptly symbolises my musical journey, which has been one of unfurling on so many levels. It represents joy, growth, possibilities, and pays tribute to my cultural heritage, and my place in the world as a "wildgoose".

   Congratulations Chris!!! & such a gracious acceptance speech. 


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